March 1, 2018


On my third night in India i had a dream. I dreamt i was assisting Seane as she taught a large class. There were two men in charge of the event and i recognized neither them nor any of the students in the room. After class was over, one of the men expressed his distaste for how Seane taught saying, “It’s not supposed to be that way”, referring to her spiritual style of teaching. I sat next to her In support, ready to pounce if needed. 

The other man walked over and position...

February 26, 2018


This is Seby. He’s been my yoga teacher while in Kerala. I ask him every morning, “How are you?” And every time he responds with a smile, “Always fine Ma’am. Always fine.” 

It may be my ever-seeking Sagittarian nature or instructions written in the fabric of my soul... either way, i love getting out of this egoic suit of armor and truly being a student. I love learning, love finding myself in new experiences, and love gathering knowledge from unfamiliar surroundings. Ultimately it’s abo...

February 23, 2018


Teachers come in many forms. Family. Lovers. Strangers. Friends. Through relationships. Through encounters. Through experiences. They leave a mark, for better or for worse, with the purpose of body, mind or soul transformation. 

In my case, this particular teacher came for the purpose of all three. When i first attended her class in 2005 there was an immediate resonance of truth, as if secret scrolls magically woke at the sound of her message. Through the years we’ve created a healthy b...

February 19, 2018


Beyond the ever-present undercurrent of wanderlust that lies in my soul, one of the reasons i took this journey to India was to explore the questions, “Who does yoga belong to?” and “Who gets to decide what yoga is?”

In the 20+ years I’ve been practicing yoga and the 13 years I’ve been teaching, I’ve met teachers and students from all over the globe and experienced classes from the strictest of disciplines to yoga with EDM music and glow sticks and most everything in between. 

Of course...

February 16, 2018


In my classes over the last several months I’ve talked about this idea of collaborating with gravity. Instead of just feeling the downward pull, there is the invitation (and activation) to harness the energy that roots you and transform it into what lifts you. And in shifting the relationship from a one directional force into a two directional relationship, there is a mutuality... a respectful and resourceful partnership with the earth. 

Today we visited the caves of the sage Vashistha,...

February 15, 2018



Around every corner in India is a truth waiting to be revealed. Messy truths. Sacred truths. Gut wrenching truths. Whole truths. Truths about yourself. And truths about the moment you’re witnessing in someone else. And the thing about it is.. India won’t let you turn away. She won’t let you run or resist or bypass or shove it away. 

You just gotta fucking deal and that’s that. 

India is a living, breathing entity that has its own consciousness and it’s that higher wisdom that is the mas...

February 13, 2018


Whatever is asleep in you can’t help but be woken here. 

After 2.5 days of travel and one day of recovery, my time in India officially began with a 5 hour bus ride from Delhi to Haridwar. As i looked out to the roadsides from the bus window it seemed as if all of India was on display... joy, despair, community, isolation, old, new, collaboration, oppression, sex, God, truth, lies, resources, emptiness, sweat, shit, smiles, tears, shadow and light. 

We happened to be traveling...

March 10, 2017



One of the books that left an indelible mark on me was “The Red Tent.” I read it years ago but can still taste the red earth in my mouth as I flipped through pages. The sisterhood between friends. The history between narratives. It was easy to time travel back to those lands and not only picture the events but somehow feel as though you were a part of them. 

Yesterday we visited an area in Jordan called Petra. I almost didn’t go… I’m immensely glad I did. As if the hike th...

March 8, 2017

I have a story to tell you. It's about a 12 year old girl named Ragad. Her brown curly hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she had greenish brown eyes that took a beeline straight to the heart. Her teeth were slightly crooked but her smile was infectious. Joy streamed across her face but more than anything what she exuded was the feeling of nowness. She was real time and all in. I wish I could show you a picture of her, but that, sadly, is forbidden. For if she were recognized there is a good c...

March 6, 2017

There's something about nature that's so powerful.. when you open yourself up to it, you sync with its pulse and become one with it. Yesterday I woke not by my alarm but rather the sun rising from the horizon and piercing through my window. I did my practice facing the light. As the colors of the sky changed, I changed along with it. It was a practice of communion... Of who I was. Who I am. Who I'll be after this trip ends. It was a communion with this land and all who've walked it. Most sacredly,...

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