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#student This is Seby. He’s been my yoga teacher while in Kerala. I ask him every morning, “How are you?” And every time he responds with a smile, “Always fine Ma’am. Always fine.” It may be my ever-seeking Sagittarian nature or instructions written in the fabric of my soul... either way, i love getting out of this egoic suit of armor and truly being a student. I love learning, love finding myself in new experiences, and love gathering knowledge from unfamiliar surroundings. Ultimately it’s about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, a useful tool learned through yoga and incredibly helpful when traveling outside one’s comfort bubble. Though Seby’s style is not something i’ve practiced before, i feel it a great privilege to be taught by him. Throughout class, he often says with a powerful and melodic tone, “Bring your mind back from wherever it is wandering.” I love that. Onward. #yoga #thisisyoga#travelingyogi #travel #india #kerala#beginnersmind #studentship

— in Trivandrum, India.

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