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#kiss On my third night in India i had a dream. I dreamt i was assisting Seane as she taught a large class. There were two men in charge of the event and i recognized neither them nor any of the students in the room. After class was over, one of the men expressed his distaste for how Seane taught saying, “It’s not supposed to be that way”, referring to her spiritual style of teaching. I sat next to her In support, ready to pounce if needed. The other man walked over and positioned himself between Seane and me. Instantly everyone disappeared but him and me. I began to tell him of my belief in bringing spirit into the practice. About the breath being a solemn oath to the relationship with grace and the movements as prayers of the body in reverence of the divine. I can still feel the passion and devotion woven into my voice as i spoke, as if my very existence was on the line. Silence stood between us for a moment as he looked directly through to my soul. I saw the majesty of his spirit as clearly as the stubble on his cheeks. As if in slow motion, he took my face in his hands, closed his eyes and kissed me. The instant his lips touched mine we dissolved into a bright light and i woke up. I know what you’re thinking... but it wasn’t that. It was this... it was my initiation. It was my welcoming into an order of the divine. It was an acknowledgement that i get it. That i serve it. That to the best of my humanity, i live it. The smile on my face in that moment I woke up lived with me long throughout the day, and when i recounted my dream to Seane, even before i gave my interpretation she said with a smile what i already knew... “Ah you were initiated.” What a privilege this practice is... the teaching of it and the living of it... both the humanity and the divinity. India has given me a great many things, all of which, in the right time will find their way into mention or action. I leave her with a full heart of gratitude and firm knowing that i will return, to continue my education with Grace. Onward. #thankyouindia #gratitude #yoga #thisisyoga#dreams #messages #spiritual #voyage#travelingyogi #travel #initiation @seanecorn

— at Tajmahal.

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