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Beyond her weekly local classes, Carrington teaches internationally, leading asana and beyond asana workshops centered around finding one's voice, liberation, personal power and individual and collective wellbeing. She also leads corporate personal development trainings on self-care, healing and mindfulness as well as master classes, teacher trainings and immersive retreats. 

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Carrington believes that yoga is a mindful path that leads from the I to the We... And with the right tools and education, all beings can appreciate and find compassion and understanding for one another.  To that end, she leads trainings for students, yoga studios, companies and organizations that are looking to enable or elevate their ability to create inclusive environments so that all beings feel seen, heard and valued. 

Carrington is known for her soulful story-telling, both in written and spoken form. Her ability to transmit a feeling, share a truth, expose an injustice, open a heart and transport across time and space is a gift that she infuses into speaking engagements and written assignments. She is also an ordained minister and welcomes ways to speak to the power of love. 

Studentship is a core-value for Carrington and that to keep a beginner's mind, to be teachable, approachable and walk a reverent path of on-going learning is a humble and necessary practice of transformation and elevationShe believes in a pay-it-forward approach to mentorship... what she gratefully learns from her teachers she respectfully carries forward to those she mentors. 

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