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#teacher Teachers come in many forms. Family. Lovers. Strangers. Friends. Through relationships. Through encounters. Through experiences. They leave a mark, for better or for worse, with the purpose of body, mind or soul transformation. In my case, this particular teacher came for the purpose of all three. When i first attended her class in 2005 there was an immediate resonance of truth, as if secret scrolls magically woke at the sound of her message. Through the years we’ve created a healthy balance of mentorship and friendship that i consider a great privilege and gift. And so it was no surprise that it was with her that i walked through the doors of India for the first time. It didn’t take long to realize that India isn’t just a country on a map or even a plot of land on the planet. It is in essence a higher intelligence.. a divine entity in and of itself. Each city providing a specialized function to her existence. The rivers giving life as arteries and veins. The often burnt flavor to the air generated from the fire in her underbelly and giving proof of life and death. And the people of India who serve as the cells of this celestial body, making all the intricacies of her existence alchemize in purpose. I left our group today to start a solo journey to explore and understand India further. Who knows what she’ll bring or who I’ll be when my journey ends. One thing i know for sure... I’m grateful for the opportunity to be initiated into India by the person who taught me what yoga, and ultimately God, was all about. Thank you Seane. I love you. #india #yoga #thisisyoga #gratitude #journey#travelingyogi @seanecorn

— at The Ganges , Rishikesh.

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