the power of being

an immersive weekend with carrington jackson

September 6-8, 2019

The word ‘being’ can be thought of as the nature or essence of a person. One might call this “spirit", “presence" or "soul” and is sourced by love, consciousness or divine nature to name a few. As human beings we are constantly seeking to bring our human-ness and being-ness into alignment or agreement in a balanced and sustainable way. Deciphering a purposeful equation of our human and our being is ultimately a journey that leads to a knowing and embodying wholeness, our most authentic and most impactful form of power. While we all possess this power, the pathway to that source can become blocked or shadowed from life experiences that go unprocessed, limited beliefs that run rampant and/or trauma, either recognized or unrecognized.


Join Carrington Jackson for “The Power of Being”, a 3-day yoga/mindfulness retreat set in the majestic mountains of Asheville, NC. The content of the weekend is designed to move mindfully and reverently into the practice of creating, holding and directing our power in the name of and in service to Love and is a critical tool in the development of both our individual and collective wellbeing. Through our weekend together, we’ll explore ways to utilize yoga, breath, meditation and inquiry to re-calibrate the scales of our human being-ness so that our body, mind and soul are in purposeful agreement.


a cultural immersion with carrington jackson

November 2-13, 2019

Upon walking through the doors of India for the first time, Carrington realized that India wasn’t just a country on a map or even a plot of land on the planet. It was and is, in essence, a higher intelligence… a divine entity in and of itself. Each city providing a specialized function to her existence. The rivers giving life as arteries and veins. The often burnt flavor to the air generated from the fire in her underbelly, giving both proof of life and death. And the people of India who serve as the cells of this celestial body, making all the intricacies of her existence alchemize in purpose.

Carrington was initiated into India by the person who taught her what yoga, and ultimately spirit, was all about, Seane Corn. And now she’d like to offer the same opportunity to others. Join Carrington on a journey through the birthplace of yoga to explore and understand India from the inside out. We’ll participate in lectures, observe prayer services, attend cultural events and build relationships that contribute to a deeper knowing of who we are, and can be, in the mindful life-giving practice of yoga. Daily practices with will serve as both modes of healing and opportunities for processing and integration. Of all the unknowns that traveling brings, one thing is certain… you will be forever changed.

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