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One of the books that left an indelible mark on me was “The Red Tent.” I read it years ago but can still taste the red earth in my mouth as I flipped through pages. The sisterhood between friends. The history between narratives. It was easy to time travel back to those lands and not only picture the events but somehow feel as though you were a part of them. Yesterday we visited an area in Jordan called Petra. I almost didn’t go… I’m immensely glad I did. As if the hike through ancient and ornate tombs built in caves weren’t fascinating enough. As if the vibes that pulsed on parts of the sandstone walls weren’t enough. As if the light filtering through the openings so that the area wasn’t just lit but more to the point, illumined wasn't enough. It didn’t hold a candle to what was waiting for us at the end. The tunnel narrowed just before the big reveal and just then, at the very end… bam. You could see life from a different time. Camels resting on the earth. Bedouin people with their kohl-lined eyes that could pierce your soul. And then of course there was the tomb of all tombs... The Treasury. What I found to be most fascinating and inspiring was that many different kinds of people had a hand in building it. The architecture suggests that the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and others took their turns in building and decorating it. The tombs were built not just to house the dead but more importantly in each tomb there was a receiving area in the front of the tomb where friends and family members would come to convene with their dead. They held parties and rituals in these rooms as if the dead were among them. It totally made me re-think my boring plans for cremation for sure. I'm a day late in posting for International Women's Day, but better late than never. The ladies featured in this picture are so badass I can’t even tell you. Ok, well I’ll try. The top two, you’ve seen throughout my documenting of this trip. Seane and Melody, are paving the way for people all over the world to heal trauma, to not only accept their bodies but celebrate them and through an embodied process, their role on this planet is, in their own ways,is to illuminate the path from source to self to all. The two on the bottom are both NYT Bestsellers in books that speak to the mind and heal the heart. Katherine (the one in the head scarf) is the genius that pulled down “Conscious Uncoupling”, among others books, from the ethers. The woman on the far lower right is the magnificent Marci... you may have heard of "Happy For Reason" and "Chicken Soup for the Soul". Yeah, epic. Their wisdom and the desire to share that wisdom was ever-present and I felt beyond grateful to be surrounded by such love, insight and grace. We’re all, in our own way, walking the line between above and below to be a resource for those seeking wellness of body, mind and soul. Which is why, I suppose were were all drawn to this trip. As usual, on my knees in thanks.

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