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#daytwo We spent much of the day in the old city of Jerusalem, a place I've visited before but a place that for me certainly loses no impact. It is an ancient winding maze of alleyways and buildings intertwined with divinity and mysticism. Although it is divided into 6 different sections, the Muslims, Christians and Jews who live there co-exist with tolerance and a healthy respect for boundaries. We visited the mothership of all Christian sites called The Church of the Holy Sepulchre where many make the pilgrimage to visit the place where it’s said Jesus was crucified. It’s powerful to bear witness to someone else’s devotion, which from what I hear, Jesus would be super into. From there we literally walked on rooftops to the Jewish section of the city. We made a stop at the Western Wall to offer a prayer, but as powerful as the exposed wall is, what lies below the surface holds far greater power. Typical. The Western Wall Tunnel is a cave that holds the foundational history of the wall and was built around 19 BCE by Herod the Great. It is through this passageway that holds the closest point a Jew can pray near the Holy of Holies, which is off limits to Jews, as it’s held under the Muslim Mosque called The Dome of the Rock. Complicated. I can tell you that as I lay hands on the wall, my arms lit up with a vibration I’ve never felt before. There is no denying this land holds a God Source, whichever lens you wish to look through. I said my prayers of gratitude at the wall and humbly asked that the bend towards justice happens exponentially sooner rather than later. You might be saying to yourself, “Who is this marvelous person in the picture?” I can tell you that she is the most magnificent creature I have met to date. Her name is Valerie Sobel. Google her. Her memories of being hidden as a child during the Holocaust are riveting. And her audacity to live life to the absolute fullest pales in comparison to her creative nature and her immeasurable heart. We are blessed to have her on this trip. And I am blessed to know her. I have not met one single person in my life that I have ever wished to be. Until now. #onward #god #spirit #travel #travelingyogi#jerusalem

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