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Election Day Prayer.

Election Day Prayer. August 18, 1920. The date women were granted the right to vote. Through the years, rung by rung, we've climbed, struggled, worked harder than many men, while taking more abuse and unequal compensation. Through generations we raised children, raised businesses, raised communities and raised consciousness and forged ahead riding on the shoulders of the women who came before to land at the doorstep of today. Today. A day when my ballot listed 19 women running for office. Today. A day when what once seemed impossible is on the precipice of possibility. Today. When a woman took the road less traveled and rose from the ashes time and time again to run for the highest office of public service in our country. Today. Today I celebrate the unapologetic rise of power of women everywhere. That is today. Tomorrow.. Regardless of the outcome, my prayer is this.... May our leadership rise to the level of their souls and make choices for our nation based on inclusivity, compassion and reverence. May they balance humility with perseverance. Kindness with strength. Power with service. Speaking with listening. And action with wisdom. May I, as a citizen of this nation, be a servant to all souls. May I continue to show up with courage and conviction in the face of separation and inequality. And above all things, may I use my voice to remind all beings that we are more alike than not. That to exist on a global level we must do the work on ourselves so that we can mindfully and sustainably choose common ground over battle ground. Amen. There's lots of room in this prayer. Come on in. 🙏🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿 #myvote #election2016 #elevate #vote #prayer#werise #bettertogether #herstory #wellbeingforall#imwithher

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