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High Vibin'

Hopscotch Sunrise Yoga with my tribe. It says something that this many folks get up this early to come together to practice yoga. It says there is an undeniable force field that is created when the many gather into one. And it says we as a collective are eager to soak in those vibes and use them to ground us in community and to propel us forward into the lives we want to create or enhance.

In the class I referenced the book "You Are a Badass...", specifically the quote:

"There is nothing more powerful than a freight train of fuck yeahs."

This photo is a true reflection of the theme today. Here we are, hearts supporting hearts, resourcing the force field around us, courageously leaning in and balancing sustainably on this high wire known as life.

May we all walk our days in the knowing that the WHOLE is greater than the sum of its parts and that WE are the freight train powerfully forging ahead to one authentically kick ass life.

Fuck yeah we are.

Grateful to collaborators Happy + Hale Hopscotch Music Festival KIND Snacks GLOW designs Athleta @drinkmati #youcallthisyoga #lightitup #yoga#sunriseyoga #raleigh #hopscotch16 #fuckyeahfreightrain #poweroflove#carringtonjacksonyoga

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