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Mentorship: Leaning In

Today Lynda and I finished an eight week mentorship together which culminated in her teaching a 60 minute class at the Blue. Throughout the mentorship we worked together on elevating her teaching practice towards landing her voice more fully into her power and the art of skillfully weaving in the mystic into the asana. I find the role of mentor such an incredible experience, one I take reverently. I've had so many incredible guides and mentors along my journey and because I believe so completely in keeping the flow of information and energy going, I feel blessed that I can put back into this wisdom well lessons and tools from my own experience. How can we as a collective family look for ways to serve as mentors and guides in our communities, in our jobs and in our relationships? It certainly isn't exclusive to a yoga studio. Let's take a step out of the ego's desire to judge and compare and let's lean into the soul's purpose to support, to nurture and to give back. Let's hold each other up, shall we? #yoga #leanin #womensupportingwomen#yogateacher #support #mentor #bluelotusnc#payitforward #giveback #carringtonjacksonyoga#braceletandhairtwins

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