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44. I had the pleasure of teaching on my birthday and during the class I spoke of synergy, which is the idea that the Whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Through practice, patience, sweat, tears and magic, we piece ourselves together. Muscle to bone. Breath to blood. Mind to body. Heart to spirit. Soul to Grace. And when these pieces come together, an energy field is created, one much more powerful than the pieces unconnected. But the thing is, it doesn't stop with the individual. When we piece our stories together and our dreams together, our understanding of one another grows. When we, at a soul level, know that there is no separation between you and me, the conflicts cease. And when the space between us and them is filled with compassion and understanding instead of fear and ignorance, we are collectively Whole. And that, my friends, is true power.

At the end of class I read the prayer written by my mentor and friend, Seane Corn. From her, to me, to you.

"Place your palms into Namaste. Calling in the God of your own understanding…may this ritual practice release us from the limited beliefs that disconnect us from the planet, other beings, and our relationship with God. May it empower us to remember our souls calling and the purpose of our being…which is to love and to serve all souls as sacred reflections of our own infinite divinity. We dedicate every movement and each breath to the continued commitment to awaken from within, remember who we truly are and to remain unafraid of the necessary personal healing that is the inevitable by-product of growth. Show us the limitations in our understanding, reveal the attachment we have to our shadow self, our fear, shame, guilt, grief and rage, so that we may heal. So that we may awaken. May our bodies be used as a vehicle for transcendence that bring us home to the inevitable and mighty knowing of the God, the love, that dwells within each soul. Bow your head. Bring your fingers to your third eye. May we heal and in doing so, serve Your will and all beings in whatever way we are called. This is our commitment to You. Blessed be."

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