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Next Stop...RDU

Sometimes you leave home and return pretty much the same as you left. Maybe with a few more places explored, a few more stories under your belt and/or an extra pound or two from all the incredible restaurants you had to try (sure as fuck NOT the case in Estes Park.) But for the most part you come back to what you do and who you know the same. Other times you come home and you are changed. Through a discovery or an encounter or an awakening you had, you feel your course has shifted in some way. Maybe there's more certainty about the path you're on or maybe your internal compass has steered you in a new direction altogether. But you feel it in your bones that who you were is no longer who you are. Today I am the latter. And as I look out my window and see the earth and sky in equal measure, I hold immense gratitude for these last few weeks and the opportunities I've had to be the teacher, the student, the friend, the sister, the fixer, the mother and the support. Through the moments made of dreams and the moments born in WTF I shed my current skin and CJ 872K.0 begins now. #amen #yoga #soulfamily #gamechangers#offthematintotheworld #findyourtruenorth#purposework

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