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#sit Around every corner in India is a truth waiting to be revealed. Messy truths. Sacred truths. Gut wrenching truths. Whole truths. Truths about yourself. And truths about the moment you’re witnessing in someone else. And the thing about it is.. India won’t let you turn away. She won’t let you run or resist or bypass or shove it away. You just gotta fucking deal and that’s that. India is a living, breathing entity that has its own consciousness and it’s that higher wisdom that is the master control center bringing all those truths to the light. I mentioned to @seanecorn (about the zero fucks given scooter drivers and their affinity for their horns) that i thought the country employs people to push our self-imposed buttons... and while i said it in jest, i actually meant it. There’s brilliance and purpose and divinity at work here... you just gotta get through the shit before you can get to the grace. No mud, no lotus and all that. Around this particular corner along the Ganges i spotted the orange first, then the man. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and to me this is the practice and purpose of yoga to a T... Amidst the churning and dirty waters, amidst the rocky terrain, amidst the soft steps that turn to quicksand, amidst the departure of the setting sun and the cliffs of insanity. Breathe. Sit. Center. Amidst it all. Let it be. And just BE. Onward. #yoga #thisisyoga #meditation#travelingyogi #india #rishikesh #nomudnolotus

— in Rishikesh, Uttrakhand.

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