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There's something about nature that's so powerful.. when you open yourself up to it, you sync with its pulse and become one with it. Yesterday I woke not by my alarm but rather the sun rising from the horizon and piercing through my window. I did my practice facing the light. As the colors of the sky changed, I changed along with it. It was a practice of communion... Of who I was. Who I am. Who I'll be after this trip ends. It was a communion with this land and all who've walked it. Most sacredly, it was a communion with Grace.

Our group convened after breakfast at a yoga that class I led. One of the things about yoga that I love (and sometimes hate) is that you can't lie and you can't hide once you're on the mat. It was such an honor to watch these bodies process their experiences in real time and it deepened our commitment to not only each other but also to the why of our trip.

Much of our day was spent hiking the Ramon Crater which is located in the Negev desert. The pulse of life there was seismic and the view, majestic. My long legs carried me ahead of the crew and I was allowed solo time to not just breathe in the air but breathe with the air. At some point my friend Ian caught up with me and we amped our hustle because there were massage tables waiting for the both of us in short order.

Being an only child, the idea of siblings baffles me.. truly. But in the deepest part of me I know that it's not the DNA that makes a sister, but it's the DNA of the heart that connects soul to soul. The two souls standing next to me are a part of a small tribe that I call family and I'm so fucking grateful for the opportunity of knowing them and so honored to be in the Holy Land along side them. I would do anything for these two. (Except for the boat thing which is NOT fucking happening if I have anything to say about it.) #onward#iloveyourguts #yoga

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