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Teachers deliver the how-to do's of life. When we're young, they teach us math, grammar, history, etc. They might teach us ballet or music or sports. But as we mature, the teachings of how-to-do's become less and less and we begin to pull different kinds of teachers into our lives... Those who teach us how to be. These teachers show up in different forms. A friend, a lover, a family member.. Could be anyone. And being in relationship with this person delivers us the kinds of life lessons that reveal who we are at our core. Eleven years ago I wandered into a yoga class taught by a curly haired girl who had been featured in the Yoga Journal magazine. That's all I really knew about her. Something happened though in those two hours that shifted the trajectory of my life. She spoke a language that my soul innately knew, and her message busted the lid off how I'd experienced yoga thus far. She blew gates of what yoga could be wide open and in the revealing of yoga came the revealing of me. In the years that followed that class I sought out ways to study with her, to work with her, to serve with her and now I'm fortunate enough to not only call her my teacher, but also my dear friend. Last night, the NC yoga community was fortunate to have Seane in our midst. For me it was two worlds colliding. The community I'm so blessed to be a teacher in and the person who truly gave me the tools to do it. In this photo I'm introducing her to the crowd and it couldn't be a better image of how I feel. With hand over heart, my gratitude is boundless and friendship unending. The light that comes from her only enhances the light of others. And that, to me, is the best kind of teacher. Thank you Seane Corn for all that you do and for doing what you do in my town. Thank you to the Blue Lotus Community crew for managing the logistics and bringing this plan into action in such a short time. Thank you NC Yogis for showing up open and willing. I woke up to several notes from those who attended about their experience and I know the awakenings will continue to happen for weeks to come. #gratitude #alwayslearning #teachers #yoga#seanecorn #bluelotusnc #itsaboutlove

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