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lululemon- passing the torch

Nothing pleases me more than to pass on what I know to others. And I am over the moon that as my three years as an ambassador for lululemon have come to a close I can now pass on my torch to the next generation. I was asked to select my successor.. Someone who would continue where I left off. Someone who would bring communities together. Someone who would think outside the box. Someone who held not only wellness but wholeness at the very forefront of their mind and heart. Someone who found it absolutely necessary to infuse every ounce of their hustle with magic. The only problem was.. I couldn't find one person. I found two. Congratulations Matt and Tyler of Happy + Hale. I know you will serve Raleigh with ❤ and and . Love you both. #lululemon #ambassadorlove #ambassadorfamily#raleigh #passingthetorch #happyandhale

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