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And just like that... She was home. Well.. 20 hours of flight, two stopovers, 12 hours of time travel, no sleep, 3 movies and one season of 'Orphan Black'... and just like that. I received many kind notes along my journey. So thank you. I received a few "get the fuck home" notes as well. Thanks for those too. I left on June 9th with a fair bit of skepticism about why so long of a trip mostly alone. I can only say this... My spirit can't be bound by convention, condition, fear or status. I am made of a wandering cloth that seeks new places and new experiences. I do my best to ground myself in the life I lead at home, which I adore and am most grateful for. But every so often, the whisper of the beyond takes wing. And I fly. My husband met me at the airport with a huge hug. I said, "Thanks for coming to get me." He said, "Thanks for coming home." Indeed. 🙏❤✈✌ #travel #travelyogi #wanderlust#spirit #homesweethome

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