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Bangkok- Demonchild

I'm actually surprised I'm able to type this tonight. During my flight to Bangkok I was sure I was going to be thrown in airport jail for sternly reprimanding the kid behind me for kicking my chair. Four times. When I wasn't plotting ways to cut off the child's legs, I was sitting with the idea of coming to Bangkok and out of all the cities on my trip, this one made me nervous. In my younger days I would have been the girl to fall for the cute traveling guy, had a whirlwind romance, said a tearful goodbye, been sniffed on by airport police dogs and thrown in Broke Down Palace for attempting to smuggle drugs home in a Buddha statue that was planted in my luggage by said cute guy. Of course my circumstances have changed but I admit I was feeling skiddish about being so outside my comfort zone. And as always, the universe came to me, calm and all-knowing with just a hint of sarcasm in her voice. "How comfortable is your comfort zone, really?" I took this to mean... We all have our safe places. Our places of least resistance. But are they truly comfortable like my last hotel bed (we're talking sleeping in a cloud comfortable) or are they just comfortable because either A. We're just used to whatever our situation is, or B. We're so damned terrified of outside the box that we stay inside, even though we don't like it. At that point I started plotting leg amputation again and let the comfort zone debate go. We landed soon after in Bangkok and just like that... Bam. Way outside my comfort zone. The woman you see on my top right is an old friend from grade school in B'ville who now lives in Bangkok. We met when we were 9 years old and 34 years later and a half a world away, we met up here. She and her beautiful family took me to Chatachuck Market, which is the biggest market in Thailand. In it you can find anything from napkin rings to live tigers, and everything in between. There's the saying "you can't make new old friends" and that was so very true today. Although I hadn't seen her in over 20 years it felt as comfortable as it did when we were kids. She helped to ease me outside my comfort zone and for that I am ever grateful. #travel#friends #demonchild

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