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Vietnam- Rainbows

I took a stroll this morning to a nearby cold-pressed juice shop in Hanoi (hallelujah) and stumbled upon these two brides getting their wedding photos taken. It was hot as all fuck and I immediately went into Carolina speak uttering to myself, "Bless their hearts." It got me thinking about marriage and how just two days ago I was explaining to my guide yến how in some states it was legal for gay and lesbian couples to get married but not all. I guess with all my travels lately I hadn't been keeping up with U.S. news and so I hadn't even realized that the vॐte was happening. But somewhere in the day my social media feeds lit up with rainbows and from a shit ton of miles away I could feel the resonance of cheers and the reverberation of joy. As with all of you my heart leapt with pride for my country. Now, I've only been married 10.833333 years, so I'm certainly no expert. But this is what I know about marriage... 1. Being married is hard as fuck. 2. Add kids into the mix and it will amplify the hard as fuck 10 fold. At least. 3. Sometimes you think that separate bedrooms (or prison) might be better than sleeping another night listening to your partner snore. 4. At one time or another either one or both of you have had the thought to cut and run. But I also know this. 1. There will be a time or two where you are so god-damned devastated and they hold you in way that you can completely and utterly fall apart. And that one moment will grab ahold of all the other bullshit and kick it to the curb. 2. If you stand in front of your people and declare to the best of your knowledge and the depths of your heart that you want to go hand in hand with someone (and sometimes toe to toe) through this journey of life as a married couple then you should by God have the right to do so. And now America. You do. Well done. 👭👬👫🙏💜💛💙❤🌈

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