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Bali- Goodbye

Last day in Bali.. By the grace of God or Lakshmi or Expedia, or whoever is in charge of upgrades, I was given a 3 bedroom villa, complete with my own private pool. Hanging over the pool are three incredibly beautiful frangipani trees that drop their yellow flowers into the water below. Swimming in the peaceful water, surrounded by these fragrant blooms, the lush greenery all around me and the Buddha sculpture at the far end, it feels as though I've stumbled upon the sacred waters of the Gods and at any moment they are going to come home and bust my ass for trespassing. It's been a contemplative day, trying to seer into my being all that I've experienced in Bali. Sure, there has been some things lost in translation. (A taxi driver still thinks Spider-Man is real and that I know "his people" after countless attempts to clarify the conversation.) But far greater than what was lost in translation is all that was gained. The true kindness of the people, the richness of the surroundings and the reverence of the culture... I know in my bones that I will return. Bali... She has found her way in. An early wake up call (3am 👧🏻🔫💀) will put me at the start of the next leg of my journey.... Vietnam. Terima Kasih Bali ✌❤🙏🌴✈🌟

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