Bali- Postcards from the edge.

5am rain showers gave way to blue skies and warm sun. We started the morning with chanting and meditation and transitioned into a detox flow (ever thankful for that gift Seane Corn ). Of course I got the "I love you but I hate you" comments post class... Completely understandable with the intensity of that work. The crew meandered through the day eating, napping and getting massages. As for me, I found my way to the pool. Under a purple umbrella I watched the clouds roll by while listening to #Coldplay which the staff so kindly put on the outdoor speakers for me. The afternoon gave way to the evening and after a partner stretch class we took a walk through the rice paddies behind Soulshine and followed that up with dinner, dessert and journaling. As far as retreat days go, I'd say it was damn near perfect.