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Bali- Soulshine

I'm lying here deciding what shapes I see in the clouds and all I have room for is gratitude. I can hear the kitchen staff singing and laughing as they clean up after yet again an incredibly delicious meal. Grateful. At lunch we researched temple etiquette in a Bali guide book and discovered that the Balinese hold women sacred and therefore degradation of women is off limits. Grateful. I'm getting a massage in 30 minutes, my third since being here. Grateful. The women who have joined me for this retreat are such an interesting and intelligent collective... I can't wait to get to know them better over the course of the week. Grateful. My husband and son are alive and well and although shaving and showering has been kept to a bare minimum, they are managing quite well without me. Grateful. As for those clouds... I see Ganesha. What say you? ✌❤🙏🐘🌴 👣

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