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Bali- Say What?

Today marked the end to #bluelotusinbali and so we feted this day well starting with a sunrise mala to celebrate the light of the solstice. As we moved through the sun salutes, we watched the sun rise over the green field of the rice paddies for the last time. It was truly magical and my heart was full in the knowing that we would carry this land, this culture and especially the people with us until the end of our days. We said a grateful goodbye to the amazing staff @soulshinebali and ended the day at DPS where I said goodbye to our crew (I'm staying a bit longer in Bali). They each came to this retreat in different places in their lives, with different questions to answer and different parts of themselves to find. And they did. Big time. I was grateful I got to witness it. In between Pagi (morning) and Malam (evening)... We were fortunate enough to receive a reading and healing from a local healer named Tjakordia Rei. We each took our turn with him where he touched all sorts of pressure points and energy lines in the head, neck, shoulders and arms. He then told the person what he found and performed his ritual healing. In various readings with others he found heart ache, anxiety, self doubt, worked his magic and voila... Healing complete. I went last. I sat down in front of him and he performed his woo on me. After he finished, he signaled me to come closer, as you see in the picture, and whispered in my ear... "Nothing wrong with you. Only stubborn." Indeed. Onward.

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